Be a part of the solution. Not the Pollution.

Posted on December 02 2018

Be a part of the solution. Not the Pollution.

We did not wake up one fine day to find that the planet which has nurtured life for thousands of years now has polluted land , water and air . This happened as a consequence of daily action by billions across the planet – as individuals and as businesses and governments .

Reversing this will also need DAILY action by the very same billions of people .

At this point you may wonder “ what can I do as an individual ? “

The answer surprisingly is “ a LOT “ .

Here are some actions you can easily incorporate into your daily life :

  • Walk
  • Use Public Transport
  • Car pool
  • Use a bicycle
  • Ditch plastic bags
  • Buy quality products that last long
  • Choose eco friendly products ( over synthetic options )
  • Repair. Reuse. Recycle
  • Avoid chemical air freshners in home / office / car
  • Compost the wet waste from your kitchen
  • Support tree plantation
  • Avoid thermocol / Styrofoam cutlery

Small steps done DAILY add up to BIG change .

Pl choose to be part of the solution .



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