~ Testimonials ~

Bhavik Shah

I had purchased Renew Air purifier bags and found them to be very useful . Have placed them in my office and home. I can feel the improvement in the air quality.

On my birthday this year my gift to myself was Renew Air purifier bags.

Thank you Renew Air for the excellent products .

Harin Trivedi

Renew Air purifier bag is a SUPER PRODUCT!

I bought 4 air purifiers two for my cars and two one for my room and my sons room.

My room is next to kitchen if we fry some food then the bedroom used to smell of fried stuff but now with this air purifier the smell has gone.

I stopped using aerosol air fresheners at home and car perfumes which are harmful.

Sagar Selarka

I commute on my bike daily for 3-4 hours. And I used to reach home exhausted in the evening. Since I started using Renew Air mask I am feeling energised and fresh even when I reach home. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Asslam Shaikh

I am using Renew Air - purifying bag in my office cabin since last one month. My space now smells better and feels more fresh then before. Thank you for a beautiful gift which is not only healthy but also energising.

Shikha Mehta

The Renew Air purifier bags that I bought from you are fabulous. They have solved door issues in the bathroom. I have placed it everywhere. Humidity is also in control.

Thank you so much for introducing me to this fabulous product!

Bhavesh Gandhi

I have allergy of perfumes and other artificial odours and could never use air fresheners for my car, but after using the Renew Air products in my car, I don't need it any more. I feel the air very fresh & healthy always. It's so economical that I am using since 5 months and still gives results as new.

Mansi Thakkar

My husband Kaushik and daughter Masumi have morning cold and choked nose issues. One of the reason is pollution in the air. They both leave in the morning and travel almost 40 mins to an hour via car so the pollution adds to their nose blocks. I then placed the Renew air purifier bags in their cars. They now complain less of choked noses and feel fresh during the day.

Thanks a lot for this awesome product!

Deepak Nagar

Ever since I have placed Renew Air bag in my car my drive fatigue has reduced considerably. Thank you for this cute, compact and very useful product.

Mansi Shroff

I have been using Renew Air purifier bag since a month in my cabin. Results have been amazing. Air feels refreshing. In fact 2 visitors to our office noticed the difference in my cabin and asked me for the reason! We now plan to place it in all sections of our office.

Sanjay Raizada

I am using Renew Air Purifier bags at my home and store. I find it very useful. Would recommend everyone to use it at their home & office.

Rinku Gandhi

I have gifted this to my husband for his car and he found it so effective.

Because of heavy traffic in Mumbai, he is spending more then hour in a car.

Renew air purifier bags are compact and easy to maintain. He also recommended to his friends who do regular travelling by car.

Pinal Thaker

For me, my office staff is like my family and I am very happy to send Renew air purifier bags as a part of the Diwali gift. They are effective and affordable for everyone (Small kids to elders and also for the pet).

Must have!!

Sonal Joshi

Best gift you can give it to your family and friends. I have gifted Renew air purifier bags to my parents. And they are really happy with the air quality.

It is so easy to maintain and also there is no electricity required for charging it. Simply place bag in a sun for few hours and it is recharged again.

Manav Malhotra

After learning the benefits of Renew air, i immediately decided to try the product. The advantages sounded like the need of the hour as it was addressing the fact, how important clean air is for us & how badly we neglect that fact. Was a bit skeptical as to how a little bag could do so much in my car.

But the results definitely amazed me. There was an immediate drastic change in the environment of my car. It mainly destroyed the smell that comes from the rubber mats in the car due to the sunlight.

The air in the car feels refreshing and i would like to thank Renew air for enlightening me with such a wonderful product.