#Breathefresh with RenewAir

Reduce indoor air pollution in natural way with RenewAir Purifiers Bags.
Portable, Planet Friendly does not require electricity or repair. Safe for Kids & Pets. Fragrance-Free, Chemical-Free, BPA-Free, Non-Toxic.


~ Blog Post ~

  • Health effects of Air Pollution on Children

    Every three minutes a child dies in India because of inhaling toxic pollutants in the air, according to an analysis of the Global Burden of Disease 2017. Prolonged exposure to air...

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  • World Bicycle Day

    Everyday millions of cars come out on roads for journeys long and short. Every car ride adds to pollution in the air. Using the bicycle at least for shorter commutes...

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~ Testimonials ~

Bhavik Shah

I had purchased Renew Air purifier bags and found them to be very useful . Have placed them in my office and home. I can feel the improvement in the air quality.

Harin Trivedi

Renew Air purifier bag is a SUPER PRODUCT!

I bought 4 air purifiers two for my cars and two one for my room and my sons room.