Everyday on Earth is Earth Day

Posted on April 22 2020

Everyday on Earth is Earth Day.

Today virtually every nation is under lockdown . While people are indoors nature is renewing. Rivers are getting cleaner , air quality has vastly improved , birds and animals are able to move around and claim their lost space. The earth is clearly signalling that it can do well without it's humans.

We cannot go back to life as we knew it pre-Covid . We have to reimagine and recreate it. Live mindfully , buy what is necessary , repair / reuse / recycle , respect nature. In small actions and BIG we need to make changes.

Nature is being elegantly efficient in making the entire planet pause and hit reset.

In many ways the pandemic is a disaster. The bigger disaster would be not learning the lessons and rewiring ourselves individually and consciously to recreate life . A way of living that is respectful of the planet and all it's inhabitants.

Let's use the opportunity of the #Lockdown to consciously create a new way of living. 

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