~ FAQ ~

1. Renew Air purifier bag is made of?

RenewAir Air Purifier Bag is filled with 100% Activated Coconut charcoal which is incredibly powerful in absorbing pollution.

2. What is activated coconut charcoal?

The simple answer:  it is the charcoal made from Coconut cells and activated with steam. This process carves away the internal structure of the charcoal particles producing a much higher [internal] surface area. This activated charcoal is used in absorbs odors, indoor pollutants, allergens, and VOC.

3. Why should I use RenewAir?

Almost all air fresheners contain petrochemicals, aerosol pollutants, benzene, dichlorobenzene and several other health hazards. Renew Air’s Air Purifier bags areOzone free, fragrance-free, chemical free, non-toxic Portable, eco-friendly, does not release any ions, does not require electricity or repair. Safe for Kids & Pets.You don’t need a new air freshener in your shopping basket every month as RenewAir lasts more than a year.

4. How is RenewAir different than other Bamboo Charcoal air purifier bags?

Coconut activated charcoal works very well for air and vapor applications that target odor control, while coal-based activated charcoal works well for color removal. Purpose of RenewAir is to remove indoor pollution, not the color.

5. What material is used outside?

The contemporary RenewAir purifier bags are crafted from Khadi fabric. This brings a delightful bit of traditional craft into your everyday life. Bags are designed to be wholly eco-friendly during use and even when disposed of.

6. What sizes are available in RenewAir Bags?

RenewAir bags are available in three different sizes.

50 Gram: Suitable for Bag packs, Shoes Rack, Gym Bag, Drawer.
100 Gram: Suitable for Cars, Bathroom, Kitchen, Small Room, Closet, Pet Area, Children Area, Office Cabin, Refrigerator,
200 Grams: Bedroom, Drawing Room, Living Area, Office.

7. How to use RenewAir Purifier Bags?

Hang or place RenewAir purifier bag in the area that needs air purification. Open areas where there is air circulation around the bag and air can pass through it easily.

8. How Is RenewAir Purifier bag Cost Effective?

Chemical air fresheners are hazardous to our health, If we talk about Electric air purifiers They are very costly and their filter replacement is costly too. RenewAir Purifier works continuously without any replacement.  You can easily place a bag in every room that needs one.

9. How to Recharge RenewAir Bags?

To recharge RenewAir bag we recommend to place the bag in the sunlight once in the month for an hour or so more. The solar energy will recharge the RenewAir bag again.

10. How much time does it take to work RenewAir?

It starts working immediately as you open the bag. Within few days you will realize the difference.

11. Why Renew Air?

Recharge in sunlight, once a month place your Renew Air Purifier Bag out in sunlight for 2 hours. You needn’t include “a new air freshener” in your monthly shopping list for your home.
Reduce air pollution in a planet-friendly way.
Reuse up to 2 years.
Recycle After 2 years sprinkle the activated carbon in your garden or any greenery to enhance the soil quality. The cloth bags are biodegradable as well. Comes from the earth and are entirely returned to earth again.
Renew - the planet. Every purchase you make will create cleaner air for you and your loved ones & it will help make the planet breathe better. Each product contributes to the cause of planting trees - the best air purifier known to mankind.