Renew the Planet This #ENVIRONMENTDAY

Posted on June 28 2018

Renew the Planet This #ENVIRONMENTDAY

Every year we have #EnvironmentDay. A few weeks of focus on eco issues and then it is back to life as usual (read: unsustainable). We have done that once too often. Mother Earth now wants to see sustained action.

In India we have seen the impact in a variety of ways:

  • rivers drying up
  • drought
  • dust storms that have been fatal
  • pollution in land and water
  • polluted air

None of this happened overnight. Day after day - individuals and businesses operated in ways that were not mindful of the planet. Convenience and cost were prized over the planet that sustains our life. We experience the karma of that today. The degradation happened by daily actions over decades. The healing and restoration also requires daily action. We don’t have the luxury of few decades.

Air is literally the last frontier. We have polluted air and continue to do so daily.

The environment is an issue where each one of us has the POWER to make a positive difference. Individually and collectively we can heal the planet with conscious action.

  • Use a reusable bag – always
  • Eliminate / reduce - non biodegradable waste
  • But quality products that last longer
  • Give preference to products that are planet friendly
  • Use public transport / car pool
  • Eliminate / reduce food waste
  • Support tree plantation
  • Donate what you don’t plan to use
  • Grow a herb garden
  • Spread smiles. The good vibes energize the planet

Every day on earth is #EnvironmentDay

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