Improve Air Quality in your Office

Posted on November 17 2018

Improve Air Quality in your Office

Between home, car and office we spend a LOT of time indoors. Most people spend between 8-10 hours at work. Air quality in the work space impacts health, immunity , productivity and happiness.

As a person you eat healthy, do yoga, walk. But if the air quality in the place where you spend maximum time – your workplace – is not optimal then it is bound to impact health.

There are two main sources of contaminants affecting indoor air quality:

  1. Those arising from people
    • CO2 from the act of breathing
    • Perfume
    • Tobacco smoke clinging to the clothes of smokers
    • Body odour
  2. Those stemming from the office building / premises
    • Dust
    • Dust mites (travelling on the dust)
    • Gases
    • Microorganisms
    • Chemical cleaners
    • Paint
    • Varnish used in furniture
    • Chemical room fragrances

We think of air pollution as something that emanates from a space . Often overlooking the fact that the very act of breathing generates CO2. Add in factors like co-workers who may be unwell. Then there may be members who step out to smoke. But when they return their clothes carry the smell which then circulates in the office. To combat it chemical fragrances are used. In small, enclosed spaces one is breathing highly polluted air!

Carpets tend to accumulate dust. Paint on walls, varnish on furniture, cleaning agents, chemical fragrances – all add to the pollution within offices.

The challenge with enclosed spaces is that the pollution tends to circulate / remain in it. Constant and prolonged exposure to the pollutants impacts health and well being. Based on one’s immunity the impact manifests sooner or later.

6 doable ways in which you can improve the air quality in your office:

  1. Use a vaccum to clean the office thoroughly every week. Ensure that all corners are cleaned . This will reduce pollution of dust mites, allergens.
  2. Keep a healthy level of humidity in your building.
    Dust mites and mold love moisture so keep levels of air moisture low. Keeping air humidity at around 30 to 50% helps keep those allergens under control.
  3. Go Natural
    Switch to non polluting cleaners. Avoid entirely the usage of chemical fragrances, sprays etc. Where possible open the windows to let in fresh air at least few times each day.
  4. Plants – can bring cheer and help improve indoor air quality ( add pic of an office with planets )
  5. In general keep the office clean. This coupled with other practices helps to reduce pollutants.
  6. 6. Use Renew Air Purifiers in every workstation / room. Renew Air purifier bags are eco friendly, safe and affordable way to purify air. They come in convenient sizes of 50 gm, 100 gm and 200 gms. Each employee / section can be given a Renew Air Purifier bag to be able to #BreatheFresh. As these are natural there is no worry of breakdown or non-function due to any electrical problem.

    In an age where companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint – Renew Air Purifier bags are the perfect solution to help improve the air quality within the office in a effective , affordable and planet friendly way . The bags are thoughtfully designed to nurture the planet when they are eventually disposed.

Your team members will appreciate the care and concern in enabling safe air in the workplace. Your company will experience the benefits by way of happier, healthier & more productive employees.

When we want to run a marathon we must train everyday. If we want safe air in the workplace then we must take action daily.

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