Handcrafted Eco-friendly Reusable Cotton N95 PM2.5 Anti Pollution Dust Face Mask -Air Mask with Activated Carbon Filter Washable -rusty brown

Rs. 399.00

  • Product Description

      • Eco Friendly N95 mask combines the comfort of a multi layer cloth mask with the efficiency of a N95 filter to give you enhanced protection from pollution and infection.
      • Comfortable to wear for extended usage.
      • Reusable , washable . Less waste into the environment.
      • Comes with a cloth bag in which the mask can be kept hygienic when not in use.
      • 100% cotton
      • We present you eco nation face mask which is made up of 100% cotton and it is reusable you have to just use wash and replace the filter then use again. this masks stops dust particles to enter in your lungs and save your lungs from pollution. it has adjustable band from which it can be used by any age group, and the colour is also very unique can be used by both boys and girls.

      This NATURAL, multi layer travel face mask is made of multiple layers of special cotton as outer and inner material and comes with N95 PM 2.5 filter. Offers powerful protection against air pollution and immense comfort. Can be worn with comfort for extended periods in hot and humid conditions too.

      This is a unisex mask for adults that can be worn daily at home or office or while commuting, walking. It protects from particulate matter, germs and air borne contaminants.

      Daily exposure to pollution can cause a wide range of health problems ranging from respiratory to cardiovascular issues to infections. With daily usage of the Eco Nation mask, you can enhance your health and wellness.

      Since it is reusable it is planet-friendly. Lesser waste is sent into the environment. At the same time, it is highly safe, comfortable, and hygienic.

      Proudly Made in India.

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    • With our passion, commitment and expertise in the area of sustainability our vision is to enable clean air for all living beings. Our quest for clean air led to the creation of the RenewAir - products aimed at air wellness in a planet friendly way. We are RenewAir. We believe that each one of us can make a Difference. Together we make Change.

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