Renew Eco Fresh Bag - set of 4

Rs. 299.00

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      You now have the power to reduce pollution of land, water, and air. Switch over to Renew Eco Fresh bags to store vegetables & fruits in the refrigerator.

      Plastic bags are a huge problem. Disposed after one use the bags are thrown away from homes and end up in landfills or polluting land, water, and air. Storage in plastic accelerates food waste. Which means higher cost for you and the planet.

      With Renew Eco Fresh bags you can keep your veggies fresher for longer & renew the environment.

      Benefits of Renew Eco Fresh Bag:

      • • Keeps produce fresher for longer ( compared to plastic )
      • • Eco friendly
      • • Hygienic
      • • Helps to reduce waste in landfills and cities
      • • Helps to renew the environment
      • • Reduces air pollution
      • • Supports the social cause of employment for women

      Available in 2 sizes of regular and Plus – Renew Fresh Eco bags are a must-have in every home to create a world where we can #BreatheFresh.

      We eat 3-4 times a day, drink water 7-8 times a day. We breathe 17,280-22,000 times a day. Clean air is the first essential for the health of all living beings. #EveryBreathMatters.

      With simple steps, we can help improve air, water, and land.

      By using Renew Eco Fresh bag a family of 3 can prevent 864 plastic bags from polluting the planet every year.

      A neighborhood of 100,000 households can easily save 8.64 crore plastic bags from choking the planet


      in sunlight, once a month place your Renew Air Purifier Bag out in sunlight for 2 hours. You needn’t include “a new air freshener” on your monthly shopping list for your home.


      air pollution in a planet-friendly way.


      up to 2 years.


      After 2 years sprinkle the activated carbon in your garden or any greenery to enhance the soil quality. The cloth bags are biodegradable as well. Comes from the earth and are entirely returned to earth again.


      the planet. Every purchase you make will create cleaner air for you and your loved ones & it will help make the planet breathe better. Each product contributes to the cause of planting trees - the best air purifier known to mankind.

  • About Us

    • With our passion, commitment and expertise in the area of sustainability our vision is to enable clean air for all living beings. Our quest for clean air led to the creation of the RenewAir - products aimed at air wellness in a planet friendly way. We are RenewAir. We believe that each one of us can make a Difference. Together we make Change.

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